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Lightning Talks


Lightning Talks are a series of five-minute talks where enthusiasm is paramount and almost anything that might be of interest to sysadmins is on-topic.

In particular this is for real, practical material that wouldn’t make it to the technical sessions for one reason or another, but might be of benefit or interest to the community.

Some examples

  • Here’s a small project I did or discovered that you might find useful.
  • Here’s a really cool tool/technique that I think is underrated.
  • Here’s how I got to wear the hero/fool cape recently at my company.
  • And the lesson.
  • Heresy. “Everyone” says/does

LOPSA-East ’14 Training Schedule

The training programs at LOPSA-East 2013 are in depth and useful for all levels of System Administrators. You will be able to select from 12 half day training tutorials spread over 2 days for a complete immersion into the topic. All events are held at the Hyatt Regency, New Brunswick, NJ.For most classes the training materials will be provided to you on a 2GB USB drive. If you’d like to access them during your class, please remember to bring a laptop.

Friday May 2, 2014
Half Day Morning (9:00 a.m.–12:30 p.m.)
Brunswick Ball Room A
Thomas A. Limoncelli Evil

Keynote Speakers

OpenStack in the Datacenter

For better or worse, cloud is arriving in the datacenter. The massive growth of OpenStack is paving the way for an onslaught of private clouds. Cloud will be the second datacenter revolution this century. Virtualization changed the way that machines are provisioned and managed, and cloud promises an even more radical set of changes.

Come hear Vish discuss the history of OpenStack, cloud versus virtualization, and get guidance for dealing with the specific challenges that cloud creates for system administrators.

Vish Ishaya is Chief Technology Officer of Nebula, Inc. He is a highly prolific developer who

LOPSA-East ’14 Talks

Saturday May 3rd, 2014
8:00am 9:00am Registration and Welcome Coffee

Brunswick Ball Room A

Brunswick Ball Room B

Brunswick Ball Room C

Brunswick Ball Room D

Devops Talks Track

Infrastructure Talks Track

Professional/Career Talks Track

General Topic Talks Track

9:00am 9:40am Choosing the Right Config Management Tool for Your Environment

Jacob Jernigan

Enlightening Technical Leadership

Kartik Subbarao

Step AFK: Practical Advice for Career Management

Nathen Harvey

Starting & Growing a LOPSA Chapter

Mike Julian

9:45am 10:25am Code Review for Sys Admins

Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph

Using Ansible to Fill the Gaps Left Over from Puppet and mCollective

Thomas Uphill

IT Careers