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Goals of the conference

Goals of the conference

LOPSA East is an annual conference held in NJ put on by the League of Professional System Administrators (LOPSA) New Jersey chapter LOPSA-NJ with the goal of providing a forum where system administrators can come together, network with their industry peers, share war stories, and learn from some of the greatest minds in the profession.

Benefits of Attending

Benefits of Attending

Learn from world-class instructors how to use the latest tools and technologies Hear working IT professionals talk about their experiences solving real-world problems Participate in a high-speed swap of ideas, problems, whacky ideas, and lessons learned Meet and exchange ideas with your peers

Target Audience

Target Audience

LOPSA-East Conference is aimed at providing value to a wide variety of IT professionals including system administrators, system engineers, DevOps professionals, IT managers, support technicians, educators, and entrepreneurs – with a special focus on junior and mid-level practitioners.

Call for Participation

LOPSA-East – The Professional IT Community Conference

The organizers of the LOPSA-East Professional IT Community Conference invite you to submit proposals for presentations at LOPSA-EAST. This time, we are particularly interested in casino bonus topics, such as the impact of free bonuses and offers on the online gambling community. Click here to read the details.

LOPSA-EAST13 is a gathering of professionals from the diverse IT (computer and network administration) community in New Jersey to learn, share ideas, and network. The conference includes invited speakers and keynotes, training by top-notch experts that is relevant, useful, and recession-friendly; plus a “Birds of a Feather” track where attendees propose and host their own topics during the event. We expect attendance of 100 to 150 IT professionals from mid to large sized companies and academia from New Jersey/New York/Pennsylvania. We go by many titles but everyone is invited: system administrators, network administrators, network engineers, Windows, Linux, Unix, DBAs, etc. You might be interested in the Lightning Talks, follow this link and you will find the answers of all your questions.

Presentation Topics

We strongly welcome topics on best practices, new developments in systems administration, and cutting edge techniques to better manage Linux, Unix, …

Lightning Talks


Lightning Talks are a series of five-minute talks where enthusiasm is paramount and almost anything that might be of interest to sysadmins is on-topic.

In particular this is for real, practical material that wouldn’t make it to the technical sessions for one reason or another, but might be of benefit or interest to the community. Clear some time for the very anticipated talk on making the most out of casino bonuses. If you decide to attend, you can expect to learn how to search for the best offers and find the best site, just like ParisSportifBonus.fr, where you can spend your bonus money and countless tips tricks you can incorporate when gambling online to maximize your winnings.

Some examples

  • Here’s a small project I did or discovered that you might find useful.
  • Here’s a really cool tool/technique that I think is underrated.
  • Here’s how I got to wear the hero/fool cape recently at my company.
  • And the lesson.
  • Heresy. “Everyone” says/does X and this is why they’re wrong.
  • Orthodoxy. “Everyone” says/does X and this is the lesser known reason *why*.
  • Here’s an issue facing our industry/community/project. What do we think about it?
  • Here’s what’s wrong with this community

LOPSA-East ’14 Training Schedule

The training programs at LOPSA-East 2013 are in depth and useful for all levels of System Administrators. You will be able to select from 12 half day training tutorials spread over 2 days for a complete immersion into the topic. All events are held at the Hyatt Regency, New Brunswick, NJ.For most classes the training materials will be provided to you on a 2GB USB drive. If you’d like to access them during your class, please remember to bring a laptop. Because if there will be a bit of topic that range to guides from tutorials, like you can find them here that reveals the best names for roulette games for Swiss punters and international players as well. Giving you a good introduction to the gaming world.

Friday May 2, 2014
Half Day Morning (9:00 a.m.–12:30 p.m.)
Brunswick Ball Room A
Thomas A. Limoncelli Evil Genius 101
Brunswick Ball Room B
Class has been Canceled
Brunswick Ball Room C
 Thomas Uphill Intro to Puppet
Brunswick Ball Room D
Carolyn Rowland & Nicole Velasquez Navigating the Business World – The TrustED Advisor
Conference Room A
 Branson Matheson Hands-On Security for System Administrators
Conference Room B

Keynote Speakers

OpenStack in the Datacenter

For better or worse, cloud is arriving in the datacenter. The massive growth of OpenStack is paving the way for an onslaught of private clouds. Cloud will be the second datacenter revolution this century. Virtualization changed the way that machines are provisioned and managed, and cloud promises an even more radical set of changes.

Come hear Vish discuss the history of OpenStack, cloud versus virtualization, and get guidance for dealing with the specific challenges that cloud creates for system administrators.

Vish Ishaya is Chief Technology Officer of Nebula, Inc. He is a highly prolific developer who was one of the founding engineers of OpenStack. He was elected to the first OpenStack Technical Committee, where he has served consistently since. He was also elected to four consecutive terms as the OpenStack Compute Project Technical Lead and is currently on the board of OpenStack Foundation. In addition to his programming and systems skills, Vish has spent over a decade teaching, most recently classes in object oriented analysis and design.

Universal Design for Tech: Improving Gender Diversity in our Industry

Universal Design is a principle in accessibility that accessible design makes things better for everyone. A key example of

LOPSA-East Training

The training programs at LOPSA-East 2013 Conference are in depth and useful for all levels of System Administrators. You will be able to select from 12 half day training tutorials spread over 2 days for a complete immersion into the topic.  All events are held at the Hyatt Regency, New Brunswick, NJ. For most classes the training materials will be provided to you on a 2GB USB drive. If you’d like to access them during your class, please remember to bring a laptop.

Friday May 3, 2013
Half Day Morning (9:00 a.m.–12:30 p.m.)
Garden State Ball Room A
Thomas Uphill A Gentle Introduction to Puppet
Garden State Ball Room B
Steven Murawski PowerShell Fundamentals
Conference Room B
David N. Blank-Edelman Build A SysAdmin Sandbox
Garden State Ball Room C
Aleksey Tsalolikhin CFEngine 3 Pressure Cooker Course: Zero to Hero in 3 hours
Conference Room A
Nathen Harvey Resolv the World with Chef: An Introduction to Chef for Sysadmins
Conference Room C
Thomas A. Limoncelli Evil Genius 101
Half Day Afternoon (1:30 p.m.–5:00 p.m.)
Conference Room A
Kyle Fulton Automation in the Cloud with Puppet
Garden State Ball Room A
Steven Murawski Building

LOPSA-East ’14 Talks

Saturday May 3rd, 2014
8:00am 9:00am Registration and Welcome Coffee

Brunswick Ball Room A

Brunswick Ball Room B

Brunswick Ball Room C

Brunswick Ball Room D

Devops Talks Track

Infrastructure Talks Track

Professional/Career Talks Track

General Topic Talks Track

9:00am 9:40am Choosing the Right Config Management Tool for Your Environment

Jacob Jernigan

Enlightening Technical Leadership

Kartik Subbarao

Step AFK: Practical Advice for Career Management

Nathen Harvey

Starting & Growing a LOPSA Chapter

Mike Julian

9:45am 10:25am Code Review for Sys Admins

Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph

Using Ansible to Fill the Gaps Left Over from Puppet and mCollective

Thomas Uphill

IT Careers Panel

LOPSA Mentors

Power & Cooling for the Small Office Server Room…or Closet

Jake Mohnkern

10:30am 11:00am Morning Break
11:00am 11:40am DevOps in a Windows World

George Beech

Git Hooks for Sys Admins: With Puppet Examples

Thomas Uphill

Backing Into Configuration Management

R. Marshall Webber

Switching to Linux for…Switches?

Will Dennis

11:45am 12:25am Operations Level Up

Mandi Walls

The Stack at Stack Exchange

Tom Limoncelli

Professional Topics Panel Discussion

Dave Parter and Philip Kizer

Where MDM on iOS Leaves Off: It’s Not the Be All, End All, So You Have to Plan

Marc Grayson

12:30am 1:30pm Lunch
1:30pm 2:10pm You

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